Apple II Emulator A2DS

If you grew up with an Apple II then you know the nostalgia it can make you feel nostalgic just to fire one up.  Of course, they are getting harder and harder to find – especially in working condition.  Fret not though because you can play all of your favorite Apple II games right on your Nintendo 3DS, DSI or Nintendo DS system.  You just need to download the latest version of A2DS.  It is an Apple II emulator for the R4 3DS and the Nintendo 3DS card.

A2DS is an Apple 2 emulator for the Nintendo DS.


It was participated in the Retroemu Contest 2008.


  • Apple II+ Hardware
  • MOS 65C02 CPU (Written in 100% ARM Assembly)
  • Text, LoRes, HiRes, Mixed graphics
  • Onscreen Keyboard
  • 12 Built-In Applesoft Demos
  • Apple 16KB RAM “Language Card”


Keyboard Tab:

Touchscreen – keyboard
Start – menu

Defaults to Control-Reset and Shift-Mods enabled.

Joystick Tab:

Touchscreen – player 0 & 1 Analog Joysticks
D-pad – Player 0 Digital Joystick
ABXY – player 1 Digital Joystick
L – player 0 Button
R – player 1 Button
Start – menu
Select – fullscreen Analog Joystick Mode Toggle

Defaults to Auto-Center enabled.

Demo Tab:

Icon or A – demo list
D-pad or A/B – demo list controls

Menu Tab:

System Icon – display profile, soft/hard reset
Peripheral Icon – display slot contents

Download A2DS